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Students will learn computer languages like html, css and Javascript to use these languages to build websites, their own animations and games.

Digital Audio Visual

Students will use programs like garage band to create new beats with media controllers and chord progressions to create new beats. They will also learn how to mix music and how to create different sounds. They will obtain digital video production experience by using programs like iMovie to create commercials, presentations and short documentaries.

Digital Art

Students develop and expand their knowledge of process, techniques and applications in the creation of media artwork. They will work with software such as Sketchup3D to design objects like cars, vases, landscapes, and more complex designs.

Performing Arts

The Drama Club performs “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare.

Conversational Mandarin

Students learn the Chinese alphabet to creating simple social conversations, as well as general information about Chinese culture. They are paired up with an international student in China and communicate via face to face conference call in Mandarin. Course also has 1 on 1 instruction.